Private and personalized tour lasting 10 hours in super luxurious cars and Brazilian driver in english. All vehicles equipped with free internet and mineral water for greater comfort. tickets and food are not included in the tour.


    Cardiff , the capital of Wales bordering the East of England. It is a small country, with a rich and interesting historical past, in addition to spectacular landscapes. There are 3 National Parks and 5 areas of exceptional natural beauty. But Wales also has bustling cities, traditional villages and excellent tourist attractions. Although the population speaks English, Welsh (Welsh) is also spoken by many. It is a language of Celtic origin, which is among the oldest in the world. Known as “the land of castles”, the historical past and the myths of one of the oldest civilizations in the world have created a wide variety of attractions to explore: Roman forts, 641 castles and countless sites linked to King Arthur and the wizard Merlin.

    From small rural villages to bustling cities, full of musical options and lively nightlife, Wales has interesting attractions everywhere. We will take a panoramic tour passing in front of the main famous spots like Cardiff Bay, the rugby stadium, Queen Street, museums, artistic center - Millennium Center, Cardiff Castle - a 2,000 year old Roman construction, a super sophisticated castle that became the icon of the city, an incredible journey in the history of Cardiff.

    Morning departure from the hotel or accommodation with a private guide.

    Note: Tickets and meals are not included in the tour.