Private and personalized tour lasting 10 hours in super luxurious cars and Brazilian driver in english. All vehicles equipped with free internet and mineral water for greater comfort. tickets and food are not included in the tour.


    Departure in the morning, first Salisbury stop in County Wiltshire, just over an hour from London. The medieval city has traces left by people of the Middle Ages and is home to one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, known as Virgin Maria. Today, the Anglican Cathedral receives crowds of pilgrims and is one of the landmarks of the city that displays the oldest clock in Europe still in operation. There it will also be possible to visit the highest spiral tower in the United Kingdom, 123 meters high and see the Magna Carta, which led the constitutional law to the British completing 800 years.

    Avebury Second Stop, in Wiltshire, is known for having one of the most famous megalithic monuments in Europe, named a World Heritage Site, the circles of stones and hills are seen around and throughout the city. The only place in the world to have a traditional pub and a church within the circle of ancient stones.


    Last stop, the sanctuary of Stonehenge , one of the main architectural monuments of the Neolithic period - the final phase of prehistory. Stonehenge is formed by immense blocks of stones arranged in a circular shape and built from 3100 BC, it is believed that sacrifices and religious ceremonies were performed on the spot by druids. Many doubts and superstitions hang over Stonehenge, which ends up making the sanctuary one of the most visited places in England.

    Departure at 8:00 am from the hotel / accommodation with private guide and approximate return at 6:00 pm.

    Note: Tickets and meals are not included in the tour.